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Specimen collection vials and Fed Ex mailers will be sent upon request.

Packing Procedure
  • Label the specimen tube(s) with the following:
    • Patient'S Name
    • Patient ID Number
    • Blood Draw Date
  • Place specimen tube(s) into Styrofoam container. Place sealed Styrofoam container and accompanying paperwork into the provided cardboard mailer.
  • Include patient information, referring physician information, diagnosis, and test to be performed using a MILab Requisition Form for each patient.
  • Please enclose payment by check or credit card. No samples will be processed unless payment is received with the sample unless prearranged.
  • Place cardboard mailer and the paperwork into the FedEx Diagnostic Specimen Envelope.
  • Attach the pre-addressed airbill.
Send to:
246 E. Janata Blvd., Suite 260
Lombard, IL 60148.